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Fittings that we produce will allow you getting competitive products of world-wide admitted standards

Your high-qualitative and effective work with our fittings is the basis for our prosperity.

We are always ready to consider all your propositions and wishes, we can make fittings for your needs both in accordance with the sample part and with your technical specification.

Tool-manufacturing department undertakes to repair the fittings produced for you. We will be glad to help you to organize manufacturing your products.

Modern computer technique gives a possibility to create mathematic models of the parts with complicated form, to proof their processibility, to project and to analyze technological fittings, to develop controlling programs for the machines with PNC.

For partners


Our company have been conducted the trials and got first samples from 48 cavities mould  which was produced for American  market
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2013  - our company concluded range of contracts with American company for the mould producing
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Our company provided the CNC turning machining technology
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Our company made the molds for the collection and removal of waste water.
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