Tavria-M is specialized in manufacturing moulds for pressure founding any plastics.

In 2000 a mould for the "Tank" part has been produced, the mould had the weight of 38,5 t.

"Dear Mr. Miroshnichenko!

Thank you!. As I can judge for the moment, you and your staff have done a great amount of work from the point of view of quality and time. We are very gratefull to you for excellent and professional co-operation."

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Automotive field
Non-ferrous metals
Plastic furniture
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Plastic furniture

The popularity of plastic furniture is easily explained: it is inexpensive and practical. In addition, plastic garden furniture is light, strong and not afraid of rain. The technology of its manufacture (injection molding, the use of forged items) enabled successfully to replace traditional wooden chairs for elegant comfortable chair.

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Our company have been conducted the trials and got first samples from 48 cavities mould  which was produced for American  market
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2013  - our company concluded range of contracts with American company for the mould producing
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Our company provided the CNC turning machining technology
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Our company made the molds for the collection and removal of waste water.
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