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We are pleased to introduce you to Ukrainian enterprise "Tavria-M," which specializes in the design and manufacture of molds for injection plastics and aluminum alloys.

To date, "Tavria-M" has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing technical equipment and is one of the largest manufacturers of large-sized molds, both in the domestic market of Ukraine and the CIS, and abroad.


In 2000 the company was certified according to international standard ISO 9001:2001
Modern software engineering staff can design the tooling of any complexity.

To manufacture high quality products is a modern stock of machines, consisting of equipment from leading European manufacturers.

Reasonable prices and a reasonable time make our company a reliable partner.

Our customers including automobile companies at various times were: VAZ plant (Togliatti), Gas Plant (Nizhny Novgorod), GM-AvtoVAZ joint venture (Togliatti), plant ZAZ (Zaporizhia) Plant MAZ (Mr. Minsk).

CNC machines can handle parts up to 3000h2000h1500 mm, weighing 40 tons.

The range of products, which manufactures of "Tavria-M" to producers in the CIS, Canada, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, and includes products ranging from small molds to the bumper systems of up to 40 tons.

The company has the technology texturing surfaces of molds.

Catalogue of textures "Tavria-M"
We are always happy to have you as our customers.
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Our company have been conducted the trials and got first samples from 48 cavities mould  which was produced for American  market
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2013  - our company concluded range of contracts with American company for the mould producing
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Our company provided the CNC turning machining technology
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Our company made the molds for the collection and removal of waste water.
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